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How to Defend Against “Excessive Wear and Tear” Claim When Car Lease Ends

Earlier today, my law partner, Kevin Cooman, posted an article on our firm’s website with some good tips for avoiding problems when your car lease expires, and I wanted to share it with my readers here as well.

Before we leased our minivan, our family always owned our cars outright.  For many people, leasing makes a lot of sense.  And often at the end of a lease term, many people either buy the car they’ve been leasing, or they lease another car from the same dealer or manufacturer.  But what happens if you decide to buy or lease from another manufacturer or dealer?  Kevin’s article, Car Lease Terminations–And the Unwelcome Surprises has some useful tips to prepare you to defend yourself from the almost certain claims that will be made against you when you turn your car in.  Armed with the evidence you’ve gathered, you will be in a strong position to prevail in any arbitration proceeding you may find yourself in after you dispute the claims.

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